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Adding Biology for Soil and Hydroponic Systems
b y   E l a i n e  I n g h a m,  P h D.  a n d   C a r o l  A n  R o l l i n s, P h D.

ADDING BIOLOGY is a book written by Elaine Ingham, PhD. and Carole Ann Rollins, PhD. Simple explanations about how to add biology to any plant growing system makes this book easy-to-read. Guidelines for conventional and organic applications -- whether you're growing indoors in controlled environments and soilless media or outdoors in open fields of soil. Basic biology and chemistry of nutrient-cycling is presented. Reading this book will help you better understand the organic growing cycle.

Chapters include: 1) Synthetic or Inorganic Systems, 2) Biological/Organic Systems, 3) Plant Growing Systems Out of Balance, 4) Roots Interface Biology and Plants, 5) Types of Microorganisms, 6) Types of Beneficial Aerobic Microorganisms, 7) Environmental Conditions for Maintaining, 8) Microorganism Communities, 9) Microorganisms Form a Symbiotic Relationship  with Plants, 10) Integrating Biology into Field and Controlled Environment Plant Growing System, 11) Sources of Microorganisms, 12) Testing for Biologicals, 13) Research on Microorganisms and Interactions.

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"Biological Solution for Soil and Plant Health"