The Microbe Poster

Environment Celebration Institute

$ 30.95

The Microbe Poster is an ebook version in a .pdf form only. The Microbe Poster was created by Elaine Ingham, Ph.D. and Carole Ann Rollins, Ph.D.  Description: The poster shows what microorganisms look like using a microscope. The microorganisms on the poster are those typically found in soil, compost, worm castings, and compost tea. Special photos are included showing quantities of bacteria in different photos. This will enable you to look at the poster, while looking at your sample, using the microscope, and to more easily be able to estimate numbers of bacteria you see qualitatively. There are a series of photos showing fungal hyphae diameters. These should help you decide if you have beneficial or non-beneficial fungi in your materials. There are photos of ciliates, flagellates, and amoebae to help you distinguish which ones and how many of which ones are in your material. There are a group of photos depicting bacterial feeding versus fungal-feeding versus root-feeding nematodes to help you determine the "good guys" from the "bad guys". The Microbe Manual accompanies this poster and is sold separately giving detailed description of each photo on the poster. $30.95

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